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Analyzes your network for you

AthTek IP - MAC Scanner helps you manage your network by testing your network computers access to the network. These connection details for part of the analysis that AthTek IP - MAC Scanner gives you. Additional controls include the ability to send messages to any computer connected to the LAN or shutdown and wake up computers remotely, which is useful to solve problems without running around the office. A ping tool is also included. One of the benefits of the AthTek IP - MAC Scanner is that it can be used to track illegal access to the system. Analysis information can be automatically sent to you via email by AthTek IP - MAC Scanner, or it can be backed up to Excel. Overall, this tool is useful for a network administrator who needs a basic tool for scanning a network to text connections and collect information about those connections, including any illegal users.

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    a powerful network solution that helps administrators scan the network and manage information on every single connect...   More.